Friday, March 18, 2016

Into My Grandpas Past


I was sitting on the airplane moments away from landing and thinking I wonder how my papa is going to answer these questions, i said the question multiple times on the plan. I was really nervous on how he was going to react to the questions i was going to ask him. The plane lands i was so anxious to get off of the plan. I grabbed my luggage and started walking towards my nana and papa. I had already asked him if he would be ok with doing the interview and he was honored. He had his cane and was surprisingly walking. He had a stroke a while back and got paralyzed on his right side of his body.
When we got to their house he walked me over to where he does his artwork, There was a huge glass window. With a beautiful view of Phoenix, Arizona. I sat on a big greenish yellow chair, papa lead out a hug “ahhh okay” as he sat right by me on the big couch. The scenery of their living room was absolutely beautiful. There was a big ceiling, with a gorgeous chandelier. They lived in a big house built by my papa, dad, and my uncles.
My papa is very tall maybe 6 foot 4-5. He had a little bit of hair but not much. He has the deepest voice i've ever heard. He has a wheel chair, and a cane, he's walking has becoming really bad so he has to use his wheelchair for everything now. His eyes were very deep and kinda sad looking but then his smile, everytime he smiles just makes me so happy inside.
“Alright let's get started on this interview that you have been telling me all about how excited you were to interview me.”
My first question was, when you had your stroke how did it change your life?
       “Well it definitely changed my life, yes it was terrible but it definitely changed my life for the better, because I was able to become and artist, and learn how to make art with my left hand. I have a lot more problems though now. Like with walking cause I got paralyzed on my right side. There have been a lot of difficulties but I think that god made it happen for a reason.”
Wow that was amazing it almost wanted to make me cry because of how you said that god made it happen for a reason, that outlook was was a very good way of looking at it in a positive way.
On to my next question, if you could go back to any moment in your life what would it be and why?
“Haha, that's an easy one. Differentially meeting your grandma. She has helped me become the man i am now, she is so wonderful. After everything that has happened with my stroke she has just been there a supported me through everything, she just made me such an amazing man. I wouldn't trade her for the world.”
That was so incredible, that just made me so happy to hear.
My next question, out of the 50 years you and nana have been married what was your favorite moment?
“Well that's probably the hardest question. I would probably have to say our 50th anniversary because our whole family got together, and it was just a special moment for me and your nana. Just to see all of our grandkids and kids just made us want to cry we just love you all so much. But all of the moments I have with your nana is always the best.”
Oh man, that was awesome, I love you so much to papa.
My next question is, out of all of the art you have done what was your favorite painting to do?
“I'll have to say probably the one one that I did of jesus, because every time I do a painting of god, it just makes me connect with him in a way that I haven't connected with anyone. I have probably come to the point that i cant pain as much as i used to my body just is always tired, so I think that I can probably do one more painting of jesus, because it's probably the hardest paintings I have done.”
That is so sad papa i'm sorry that it's probably your last painting of god.
“It's alright honey, i'm just glad that you picked me to do this interview.”
Me to papa! My next and last question is when you were in 7th grade what was your favorite thing to do?
“Well my favorite thing to do was always hang out with my friends, that was an easy one haha. But i'll also have to say hanging out with my parents that's definitely something I miss.
Man did I love interviewing my grandpa for everything that he's been through, he's just amazing, and a really big role model in my life. I was just torched to her his answers and how he keeped them so positive. Everytime I see him with my grandma I think to myself that's the kind if husband that I want, I want to be treated like a princess like my grandma is treated. I am very lucky to have such a fantabulous grandpa that loves me.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Middle of the Ages

sentence 1~Middle ages tells us more of the renaissance that followed, then the era it self.
sentence 2~Reading this article really made me understand the middle ages better.This way of thinking about the era in the “middle” of the fall of Rome and the rise of the Renaissance prevailed until relatively recently. However, today’s scholars note that the era was as complex and vibrant as any other. It made me understand the middle ages and what it was.
sentence 3~Did they have  government and if so what were they?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dally's words of wisedome

Dally: "You'd better wise up, pony... you get tough like me and you don't get hurt. You look out for yourself and nothin' can touch you..."

              I think that this means that Pony is always to busy worrying about what happens to other people and he is not looking after himself. Like how he went into that fire so save those kids when he could've gotten really hurt like Johnny. But he did it cause its that right thing to do. And know Johnny gets to die being a hero. And i also think Dally is saying this to pony because we wants to prepair Pony so he doesn't get hurt.